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Office Accommodation at Site 6, Dundee Waterfront

CSP Acoustics completed an initial Noise Impact Assessment for a proposed mixed use development at Site 6, Dundee Waterfront. Following this, the firm was engaged by Roberson Construction Tayside Ltd to provide guidance for a proposed new high-end office building on the site. Guidance was based on achieving BREEAM credit Hea 05 Acoustic Performance and Pol 05 Noise Attenuation set out in BREEAM UK New Construction – Non-Domestic Buildings (UK) – Technical Manual 2014.

Project Overview

Acoustic design standards for the assessment were based on guidance provided by the British Council for Offices (BCO) and the Association of Interior Specialists in its publication FIS-Finishes & Interiors Sector – A Guide to Office Acoustics.

CSP Acoustics guidance input included advice on: sound insulation between the office and retail units and adjacent hotel; reverberation times within the offices; indoor noise levels from external traffic noise on one of Dundee’s busiest thoroughfares. In addition, a noise impact assessment to comply with Dundee City Council plant noise impact criteria was also provided. CSP Acoustics, together with other design team members, helped to design and select the glazing specification that along with ventilation plant noise advice, allowed the client to achieve the appropriate BREEAM credits.

CSP Acoustics assessment successfully addressed the design evidence required for BREEAM credits Hea 05 and Pol 05.


Robertson Construction Tayside Ltd

Key words

Noise Impact Assessment/Office Acoustic Design/Testing/BREEAM/INSUL®

Project Information
  • Consultation Period: 2017
  • Project Completion: Ongoing
  • Project Value :£40m (Full development)
Project Team
  • Architect: Cooper Cromar
  • Acoustic Consultant: CSP Acoustics LLP
  • M&E Engineer: Atelier ten
Early Decisions Make a Difference

It is a fact that the impact of many acoustical issues can be reduced by making appropriate early stage design decisions – site layout, building planning, materials and structures choices can all affect the magnitude and therefore cost of dealing with noise, privacy and communication issues. To help designers become more aware of the impact of acoustics on design and development CSP Acoustics is happy to provide CPD Updates on Acoustics and Noise issues to design practices and client organisations. Lunchtime, or longer, CPD sessions can be arranged for delivery in-house to suit client and design organisations.

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