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Balloch Primary School, West Dunbartonshire

CSP Acoustics provided guidance to achieve appropriate acoustic design standards in relation to noise control and room acoustics for the facilities for the new-build Balloch Primary School, West Dunbartonshire.

Project Overview

Acoustic design guidance has been integrated into the overall project proposals, taking in to account the recommendations for appropriate room acoustics and environmental noise control in schools in Building Bulletin 93 Acoustic Design of Schools: Performance Standards as balanced with other design and environmental target requirements and budgetary constraints.

The project was particularly challenging, as the school included several open plan classroom spaces, all of which required 3D acoustic modelling and acoustic analysis. This was undertaken to ensure that all the proposed open space classrooms met the recommended acoustic parameters set in BB93, particularly the Speech Transmission Index (STI); especially when more than six teaching spaces are intended to be used in close proximity to each other. Acoustic finishes were selected using 3D modelling software, making it possible to determine the most cost-effective solution that would comply with the acoustic requirements.


Morgan Sindall / West Dunbartonshire Council


BB93:2014 / Acoustic Design of Schools / 3D modelling software / Room Acoustics

Project Information
  • Consultation Period: 2016-date
  • Completion: Under Construction
  • Project Value: £15.3m
Project Team
  • Contractor: Morgan Sindall
  • Architects: Holmes Miller Architects
  • Acoustic Consultant: CSP Acoustics LLP
Early Decisions Make a Difference

It is a fact that the impact of many acoustical issues can be reduced by making appropriate early stage design decisions – site layout, building planning, materials and structures choices can all affect the magnitude and therefore cost of dealing with noise, privacy and communication issues. To help designers become more aware of the impact of acoustics on design and development CSP Acoustics is happy to provide CPD Updates on Acoustics and Noise issues to design practices and client organisations. Lunchtime, or longer, CPD sessions can be arranged for delivery in-house to suit client and design organisations.

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