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Planning & Building Control Applications Support

For many projects compliance with Environmental Standards and Building Control requirements can be critical to development viability in relation to gaining the Planning Approval, compliance with Planning Conditions within an existing Planning Approval, challenging a Local Authority decision by Appeal or gaining a Building Warrant with detailed construction designs that are likely to achieve performance objectives. CSP Acoustics has extensive experience with all aspects of these processes and is able to draw upon an understanding of architecture, Town Planning and construction technology as well as acoustics to inform the way it works with clients and designers.

As part of our Planning & Building Control Applications Support, we can provide...

Negotiations with Environmental Health, Building Control and Planning Departments

With the advent of “PAN 1/2011: Planning and Noise” each Local Authority is able to set its own criteria and standards for developments. So the starting point for many project planning applications will often be discussions and negotiations with Local Authority Environmental Health, Building Control and Planning officers to establish the design criteria that will be applied to project assessments as well as agreeing any associated survey and prediction methodologies.

Guidance on Building Standards & Constructions

CSP Acoustics is accustomed to working with designers and constructors to find optimal methods for complying with the Building Standards applicable to projects – especially where proposals involve non-standard forms of construction, vary significantly from Example Constructions or where work is to older buildings – including historic monuments and listed buildings.

Preparation of Noise Impact & Other Assessment Reports for Planning

For many planning applications where noise issues are of concern the submission of a well formulated and accessible Noise Impact Assessment Report can be crucial to gaining a planning approval. CSP Acoustics has extensive experience in the preparation of Noise Impact Assessments for a wide range of environmental problems as well as the preparation of Environmental Chapters for Environmental Statements on large and complex development projects.

Purification of Planning Conditions

Where planning permissions have been granted for developments it is often the case that Noise Related Conditions on the Planning Permission require the submission of Noise Impact Assessments and noise control proposals for scrutiny and acceptance by the Local Authority.

Expert Witness and Litigation – Evidence and Appearance

From time-to-time Planning Decisions may be challenged and Expert Witness input on noise related issues may be required. There may also be occasions when expert witness evidence is required to assist a Court where litigation involves noise related issues. CSP Acoustics can provide Expert Witness analysis and evidence including preparation of Court Documents (precognitions) et alia.

Early involvement of CSPA could save you time and money.

Contact us now for help with noise and other acoustic issues when dealing with Planning and Building Control Applications, so that abortive design and development work is minimised.

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