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Noise & Nuisance

One of the consequences of noisy activities can be concerns over potential complaints of Noise Nuisance – which can lead to enforcement action against those creating the nuisance if its existence is established by a Local Authority. ‘Enforcement’ can have serious operational consequences – for example by imposing limits on operational hours, requirements for remedial construction work and installation of control measures and the like. Therefore assessments of potential nuisance will often constitute a substantial element of Noise Impact Assessments at the planning stage of developments which exhibit the potential to create nuisance and the input of CSPA can be a critical issue from the very start of a project.

CSPA has extensive experience of assessing the likelihood of nuisance from noise impacts and of making recommendations to mitigate, or control, any potential for nuisance and, where a nuisance occurs, of working with client and Local Authority to eliminate the nuisance and / or to defend the client against any enforcement actions that may result from a nuisance incident.

As part of our Noise & Nuisance service, we can provide...

Noise Nuisance - BS4142 et alia Assessments

BS 4142 assessments, which evaluate the relative impact of a noise in relation to the background noise of the locality, are increasingly being used to gauge the likelihood of complaints about noise – and discussions with Local Authorities are needed before assessments are carried out to ensure that the basis of the assessments (particularly the use of penalties) are agreed before work commences. CSPA works with the Local Authority to establish the methodology to be used in assessments and to ensure a balance between this approach and the use of design standards and World Health Organisation criteria for use of dwellings and outdoor living areas.

Noise Impact and Control for Music and Entertainment Venues – Indoor and Outdoor

Construction know-how and experience are often the key to devising noise control schemes for buildings to be used for Music and Entertainment. CSPA has extensive experience in dealing with Noise Breakout control from such premises and can ensure that measures are integrated with other project requirements where appropriate. The company also has experience of dealing with outdoor music venues and events – including ones in close proximity to existing dwellings where predictive modelling of noise impacts can be very helpful.

Construction Noise Assessments and Control

Construction noise is increasingly a matter of concern for Local Authorities, residents of neighbouring dwellings and thus construction companies and developers. CSPA can assist with not only assessing probable impacts of construction programmes but also by advising on how to meet any noise control planning conditions that may have been applied to the project. Again computer based modelling of the construction noise and impacts on surrounding properties can be used to help devise sequential development programmes and the appropriate siting of specific noise producing equipment.

Neighbour nuisance actions can be a project nightmare

Leading to projects delays and increased costs. The time to act to avoid nuisance problems is early in design and planning – contact CSPA now to discuss if there is a chance that your project’s neighbours might complain.

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