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Compliance and Monitoring

For many projects effective sign-off at completion requires evidence that the project meets critical performance standards – to provide BREEAM Credits, to meet BB83 or BS 8233 as well as Planning Conditions. To provide this evidence will usually require not only the application of Test Risk Management strategies (see above) and Pre-completion Testing but also design change / specification monitoring during and after the main design phase as well as ongoing compliance monitoring during the construction of the project, including critical stage inspections. These integrated services can prove the keys to project success.

As part of Compliance & Monitoring, we can provide...

BB93 Compliance Design, Guidance, Monitoring and Compliance Testing

Whilst compliance with BB93 is not yet required in Scotland under the Building Standards (it is in England and Wales) nevertheless most schools designs are predicated upon basic compliance with BB93 performance standards albeit with derogations of some requirements with Client agreement.

BREEAM Design Guidance and Compliance - Office, Schools, Dwellings

To earn the credits provided by BREEAM in relation to noise and acoustical issues requires, as an absolute, that the appointment of an Acoustic Consultant is at a sufficiently early stage to influence basic design strategies. This will then facilitate effective involvement throughout the project and enable control of internal acoustics, sound insulation, background noise and noise breakout and impacts upon neighbours using Test Risk Management strategies throughout the project design and development.

Monitoring and Performance Audits

CSP Acoustics can assist with all aspects of performance standards monitoring including checking compliance with Planning Conditions for operations of processes and plant. Whereas on most projects monitoring and compliance with Planning Conditions is carried out by the relevant Local Authority with increasing pressure on Local Authority resources there are now opportunities for Planning Conditions to require monitoring of compliance to be carried out by the operator’s consultants and reports to be periodically submitted to the Local Authority.

Sound Insulation Test Risk Management

For most clients and constructors the risk of pre-completion sound insulation test failure will be a matter of considerable concern given that release dates and cash flow could all be seriously jeopardised by failure. Clients, designers, and constructors will also be concerned that the costs and time to remedy any causes of test failure could be considerable – even if it were readily possible to identify, and subsequently rectify the causes of such failures. Accordingly it will be in everyone’s interest to ensure that during design and construction all that can be (reasonably and practically) done to minimise risk of test failure will be done and so reduce the exposure of all parties to this risk and its consequences.

Don't let compliance be jeopardised.

If you have, or are likely to have, a compliance requirement with your project contact us now to discuss the whole project implications.

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