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CSP Acoustics has a long track record of dealing with industrial and agricultural noise predictions, assessments and impacts and of devising mitigation and control measures. One particular and often critical issue can be dealing with night-time noise from operations and the transport associated with them. Working closely with clients, designers and developers can ensure that site layouts, building fabric and hours of operation (especially in relation to night-time noise) can all be integrated into project designs to minimise impacts on neighbours and comply with Planning and Environmental conditions and targets.

Services we can provide as part of the Industry & Agriculture sector include...

Noise Impact Assessments

Negotiations with Local Authorities will often be required to establish the criteria for noise Impact Assessments, especially now that PAN 1/2011 gives each Local Authority the ability to set down its own criteria and standards. Industrial or agricultural projects, and any associated transport noise, proposed near to existing residential developments will only be approved if it can be shown that complaints of significant loss of residential amenity are unlikely to arise. CSP Acoustics has extensive experience of dealing with these issues and will work with designers and developers to help optimise designs and secure planning permissions. Experience of preparing these assessments is exemplified on our Environment and Noise page as well as our Noise and Nuisance page.

Noise and Nuisance

Noise associated with industrial and agricultural projects can be a significant issue and will often benefit from the CSPA Modelling and Mapping capability so that Local Authority EHOs can have confidence in noise impact assessments, particularly where topography and nearby structures can make predictions complex. Our page on Noise and Nuisance as well as that on Environment and Noise services both provide further useful information.

Planning Compliance

Site specific Planning Conditions as well as project and design targets will often need to be met and compliance with these demonstrated before project completion (and sometimes afterwards) using agreed monitoring and reporting programmes. These may well require use of our Compliance and Monitoring services. The linked page explains more about this service.

Can you afford the cost of failure?

Simple care and monitoring throughout a project can significantly reduce the chance of test failures later on. Our Test Risk Management Strategy works throughout project inception through to completion and testing, and helps you minimise the risks and consequences of test failure.

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