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Education and research projects often require a wide range of acoustical services so that issues of environmental noise (road, rail, air, industrial, construction etc.,), impacts upon neighbours, room acoustics, sound insulation, privacy and communication are all integrated into the design and development to meet project targets (for example BREEAM and BB93 criteria).

CSP Acoustics has extensive experience in all of these areas and recent and current consultancies include over 25 projects involving a wide range of different types of educational buildings – particularly Hub schools in Dundee, Perth and Kinross, Angus and Aberdeen.

Early stage design choices can reduce costs and increase performance standards if acoustical requirements are integrated into a collaborative, approach to development. CSP Acoustics will work with you to secure that early involvement and integration into project teams so that concept decisions can be influenced and detailed designs developed to meet acoustical targets. The ability to talk and discuss acoustical issues with a project team, using simple language and showing an understanding of the complex issues that confront other team members, has on numerous occasions, enabled us to help achieve solutions that are fully integrated with architectural and servicing designs and meet design and performance targets.

Acoustics services typically required for
Education & Research building projects

Noise Impact Assessments

The impact of external noise on education projects or project generated noise on neighbours will require a range of assessments which can include road, rail and air traffic,  industrial noise impacts upon the project and plant, activity noise (music, sport, recreation, test equipment etc) breakout and construction noise on neighbours.  CSPA has long experience of preparing these assessments as exemplified on our Environment and Noise page as well as our Noise and Nuisance page.

Architectural and Building Acoustics

Quietness, privacy and communication are critical issues in Education projects requiring early attention to room acoustics, sound insulation and noise control. This requires attention to a range of acoustic issues using the various services that CSPA can provide. See our coverage of these pages on our Architectural and Building Acoustics page.

Planning, BB93 and BREEAM Compliance

Planning conditions as well as project and design targets will all have to be met and compliance with these demonstrated before project completion. This may not only require application of Compliance and Monitoring services but also the benefits of a Test Risk Management strategy throughout design and construction. The linked pages explain more about these two critical CSPA services.

Can you afford the cost of failure?

Simple care and monitoring throughout a project can significantly reduce the chance of test failures later on. Our Test Risk Management Strategy works throughout project inception through to completion and testing, and helps you minimise the risks and consequences of test failure.

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