Acoustics consultancy & design services for the commercial & retail sector

Our Approach

An understanding of overall design objectives and rationales underpins our work with other consultants in design teams and enables us to assist with effective integration of noise control and room acoustics requirements within commercial and retail developments. Working with design teams from the earliest development stages enables decisions on plan layouts, sectional organisation and materials choices to be made so that designs are optimised and later remedial work avoided.

Some of the services we can provide as part of the Commercial & Retail sector include...

Environment and Noise

CSP Acoustics has shown that working closely with clients and designers to resolve critical noise issues is an effective strategy and ties in with BREEAM – whose credit requirements for acoustics and environmental noise lead to early involvement of acousticians. Noise impact assessments relating to critical external noise issues, together with predictive tools for fabric sound insulation can ensure that internal environments meet design criteria with respect to background noise levels, sound insulation and room acoustics. CSP Acoustics can assist with all of these factors which together help ensure high quality working environments – essential in the current development market place. See also our Environment and Noise page.

Architectural and Building Acoustics

Modelling of room acoustics characteristics, especially for open plan offices, atria and conference rooms can be critical to the success, or otherwise, of office spaces, where good communication conditions are essential. CSP Acoustics uses sophisticated computer software to help provide predictions and visualisations of sound distributions within spaces – open plan offices and atria and the like – and to assess conditions for good communication and privacy. More can be seen on the linked Architectural and Building Acoustics page.

Compliance and Monitoring

For many projects effective sign-off at completion requires evidence that the project meets critical performance standards – for example to provide BREEAM Credits, as well as meet Planning Conditions. To provide this evidence will usually require not only the application of Test Risk Management strategies (see above) and Pre-completion Testing but also design change / specification monitoring during and after the main design phase as well as ongoing compliance monitoring during the construction of the project, including critical stage inspections. These integrated services can prove the keys to project success. More on this can be found on our Compliance and Monitoring page and on our Test Risk Management page.

Can you afford the cost of failure?

Simple care and monitoring throughout a project can significantly reduce the chance of test failures later on. Our Test Risk Management Strategy applies from project inception through to completion and testing, to help you minimise the risks and consequences of test failure.

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