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The staff and consultants at CSP Acoustics work together to provide high levels of service and skills directly to clients and project teams with all work carried out to ensure that the experience and skills applied to each project are at the highest level available to the company.

With its range of background professional qualifications and experience the practice offers and provides a personal, yet many-faceted, service which ensures that problems are solved in their overall development context – bringing to bear knowledge of design, construction, building acoustics and noise control to inform the solutions and services provided across industry sectors.

“CSP Acoustics is client facing in all that it does, seeing its reason for existence the provision of practical, cost effective solutions to client problems.”

The Right Advice at the Right Time

Considering Design Acoustics and Noise Control issues early in the life of a project can save time and money and prevent costly remedial work later in a project. Early involvement can mean that simple strategies can be used to reduce costs, deliver higher performance standards and reduce the need for late stage design changes or pre-completion remedial work.
CSP Acoustics works with many clients to secure early involvement and integration into project teams so that concept decisions can be appropriately influenced in a collaborative approach to development.

Our ability to talk and discuss acoustical issues with a project team, using simple language and showing an understanding of the complex issues that confront other team members, has on numerous occasions enabled us to help achieve solutions that are fully integrated into the architectural and servicing designs.

Do you have a specialist project?

With decades of experience to draw from, we are confident we can help you, whichever sector you operate in.



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CSP Acoustics will only update you on important news regarding acoustics regulations and noise control.