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Environment & Noise

When noisy developments are being proposed near to existing dwellings or new dwellings are proposed near to existing noisy activities some form of Noise Impact Assessment will usually be required. Local Authorities will require reports to show that the impact of the proposed development will not prejudice existing housing or industrial / commercial activities and will set criteria for assessment of proposals. CSP Acoustics will discuss these criteria with the Local Authority, carry out the necessary surveys, predict probable impacts and produce proposals for costs effective control of any negative impacts. This information is then used to produce the Reports that the Local Authority will take into account in the Planning process.

As part of our Environment & Noise service, we can provide...

Noise Impact Assessments for Planning Applications

Under the current Planning Advice Note: “Planning and Noise” (PAN 1/2011) each Local Authority is able to set the criteria that it thinks are appropriate to the particular circumstances of each application. Where noise issues are probable for any development it is therefore essential that Acoustic Consultants are able to discuss relevant issues with the Local Authority at an early stage so that impacts upon design proposals can be taken into account before designs are submitted for ‘Planning’.

Road, Rail and Air Transport Noise Impact Assessments

Assessment and amelioration of Noise Impacts from existing transport systems will often be necessary for housing and other noise sensitive developments. Local Authority policies on windows and ventilation can have major influences on layout (distances from roads and railways lines, locations and heights of bunding and barriers, orientation of dwellings) and detailed design of proposals (glazing and ventilation systems) and their implications need to be taken into account in the earliest stages of design development.

Wind Turbines and Wind Farm Noise Impacts

Wind turbine and wind farm assessments can be simple or complex dependant upon the number of other proposed and existing turbines in the area and the number of receptors likely to be affected. CSP Acoustics has extensive experience of small, medium and large scale developments and can assist with negotiations with Local Authorities to agree criteria (either ETSU-R-97 or other LA criteria), agreeing locations for Background Noise and Wind Speed surveys and assessment receptors, carrying out the surveys and then predicting the Noise Impacts at agreed receptors using computer based modelling systems.

Contributions to Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Statements

The preparation of Environmental Statements (ES) for major planning proposals may require a range of Noise Impact Assessments and an associated Chapter within the ES, with the Noise Impact Assessments often included as appendices to the ES.

Noise Nuisance - BS4142 et alia Assessments

BS 4142 assessments, which evaluate the relative impact of a noise in relation to the background noise of the locality, are increasingly being used to gauge the likelihood of complaints about noise – and discussions with Local Authorities are needed before assessments are carried out to ensure that the basis of the assessments (particularly the use of penalties) are agreed before work commences.

Noise Impact and Control for Music and Entertainment Venues – Indoor and Outdoor

Construction know-how and experience are often the key to devising noise control schemes for buildings to be used for Music and Entertainment. CSPA has extensive experience in dealing with Noise Breakout control from such premises and can ensure that measures are integrated with other project requirements where appropriate. The company also has experience of dealing with outdoor music venues and events – including ones in close proximity to existing dwellings where predictive modelling of noise impacts can be very helpful. Once again early involvement is strongly recommended to ensure that best practicable means of noise control can be applied in the earliest stages of development of the project when site planning, materials and construction forms can most readily be adjusted.

Construction Noise (and Vibration) Assessments and Control

The impact of construction noise on neighbours, during often extensive development, is increasingly being seen as a matter of concern when developments are being considered by Local Authorities and can result in Planning Conditions which affect not only hours of working on construction sites but also the levels and types of noise that can be made.

Modelling and Mapping

State-of-the-art software is often required to effectively model and map probable noise impacts and CSP Acoustics uses CadnaA software, as appropriate, to take account of complex layouts and landforms. CaadnaA is market leading software from DataKustik Ltd for environmental noise predictions, calculation and assessments of noise from industrial sites, roadways, trains, airplanes, wind turbines and the like.

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