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Downloadable information on a range of topics is provided here to give clients and designers access to useful material developed, or assembled, by CSP Acoustics to aid with various aspects of design and development (as referred to in our various web pages). CSP Acoustics intends supplementing and replacing these resources from time to time so readers are advised to periodically check this web page that so that they have our up-to-date information.

Sound Testing Checklist

Sound insulation testing can only be carried out when surrounding environmental conditions are suitable and when certain aspects of construction have been completed. If CSPA personnel arrive on site to carry out an arranged test and find that conditions are not as required a return visit may be required – which will increase the testing costs as well as delay certification of SI performance. This Checklist is therefore provided to help those preparing for testing ensure that conditions are suitable before finalising attendance arrangements.

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Robust Standard Details

This document provides a state of play comment with respect to the use of Robust Standard Details in Scotland and was produced by the RIAS in conjunction with Nick Charlton Smith of CSP Acoustics for the guidance of architects and their clients.

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CSPA Test Risk Management Guidance

This download provides the full text to the Test Risk Management Strategy referred to in the Test Risk Management service page elsewhere in this website and is available for use by designers and for discussion with clients at the early development stages of a project.

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Acoustics of Schools – NCS report to Scottish Executive

This download is the full text of a report prepared by Nick Charlton Smith (of The Charlton Smith Partnership, the precursor of CSP Acoustics LLP) for the (then) Scottish Executive in 2005 and provides guidance on the implications of the use of open plan or cellular spaces in schools.

Entitled “Design for Educationally Appropriate Acoustic Characteristics in Open Plan Schools” the report looks at surveys of school users (teachers and pupils) in a number of Scottish schools and discusses the trade-off implications of open plan or cellular teaching spaces. Section 7.0 of the Report is particularly useful in providing an overview of the work and the results of the surveys. Sections 7.05 to 7.10 provide the principal advantages and disadvantages of each type of teaching accommodation.

The report is recommended reading for designers and clients (education and teaching personnel) before making decisions about provision of open plan teaching spaces in primary schools.

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Early Decisions Make a Difference
It is a fact that the impact of many acoustical issues can be reduced by making appropriate early stage design decisions - site layout, building planning, materials and structures choices can all affect the magnitude and therefore cost of dealing with noise, privacy and communication issues. To help designers become more aware of the impact of acoustics on design and development CSP Acoustics is happy to provide CPD Updates on Acoustics and Noise issues to design practices and client organisations. Lunchtime, or longer, CPD sessions can be arranged for delivery in-house to suit client and design organisations.


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